Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Thank-You Quilt

The last five months have been pretty tough at the Carey household. Jamie has worked so much, that the girls and I have nearly forgotten what he looks like. Last month, when he had a two-week trial out of town, and Eliza was in the worst part of the separation anxiety she's been going through since all of the craziness began, I almost lost all sense of sanity. I called my mother-in-law, Jill, in Chicago and asked her if she might be willing to come out and help me with the girls for a few days.

Well, God bless that woman, she came out TWO DAYS LATER...NO QUESTIONS ASKED...AND STAYED FOR TWO WEEKS!

It blew me away that she would be willing to drop her life to help us like that and for that long.

So, I made her a little token of my appreciation. My first-ever quilt is for her, and here is a photo to show you how I personalized it for her.