Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School

The kids are back in school and there is a bit of a nip to the morning air. Summer is over. It's bittersweet.

This time of year always gives me the urge to do so "nesting." I've been organizing the mudroom and clearing out the clutter in all the closets and cabinets. I'm wanting to whip out the paint rollers and do some decorating, and even the rolling pin for some baking.

I read a lot of craft blogs created by other stay-at-home moms, and I am amazed at all they get accomplished. I'm stressed out about how long it's gonna take me to paint and put back together the mudroom, about how much of a mess and disruption that will be. At the same time, these moms are mixing up brownies, building dining tables, making wreaths, and keeping up with a daily blog all at the same time! Not to mention they have husbands and kids, which, in my house at least, require time and effort, too!

So, today I'm going to focus on getting some nesting done on my own time and try not to compare myself to those supermoms, which I will never be, clearly. I'll take a pic of my mudroom when it's finished.