Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Sometimes I have an urge to write my thoughts, share what I'm learning, and document life as I see it....even if nobody ever reads it. 

The last time I posted on this blog was about two years ago! At that time, I had a few dozen followers.

It started in 2008, just after I finished a my certification process to be a life coach. I focused on life issues, and I hoped it would be an inspiration to others to live their lives BIG! That is still my passion. But while blogging consistently for four years, other random themes and topics began to appear, like vacation photos, art projects, spiritual revelation, and book reviews. 

I have so many interests, it's hard to stay focused on just one for this blog. Some people maintain more than one blog for this very reason. For me, that would be cray-cray. And anyway, why can't I put it all in one? Who's making up the rules here? I don't often follow rules, anyway. 

So, my goal is to live a life that is inspirational. Then, anything and everything I have to post will be a dose of goodness for all who read it. 

Also, I would love to have readers send me their personal questions about their life struggles. That way, we all get something good out of it: I have interesting content, and you get free life coaching. (I'll work on how to do that and get back to you.)