Thursday, July 2, 2009


Probably the most common feeling I see in my coaching practice is overwhelm.

We almost constantly face decisions, fears, doubts, anger, interference, distractions, aggravations.....

Some clients are helped by prioritizing. (First Things First!)

Others need to take fast action, so they feel in control. (Lord grant me...the courage to change the things I can...)

When the quality and quantity of the issues you are dealing with become paralyzing, are you willing to take the time to prioritize? Ask yourself, "What really matters? And for how long?"

Are you ready to take on the parts of the issue you can control? Will you make a plan? And remember, you can not control another person.

Can you accept the things you cannot control? Can you be flexible? Can you trust? Can you give yourself the gift of releasing unnecessary burdens?

I think you can.


H.C. Johnson said...

I think you have touched on the biggest issue facing most people today, especially in our western culture. We want to be in control of every aspect of our lives and those around us.If we will turn it over to God, He will let us know what we are to be in control of. Great comments Lori.

Roger Howell said...

I have been going in circles deciding where to start on several home touchups and painting projects. Finally today I sat down and prioritized every step.I think it may get moving now.
If anyone reads this, I'm telling you, organize things, write it down in the best order you can and follow it without questioning.