Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Post

I know I've been slacking lately as a blogger, but I go in spurts with my creative expression, and lately my spurt has been visual art. I've been trying new techniques in my art journal and even doing some painting.

I used to dream about being really good at something, an expert in my field. but I never could quite find the field to stick with long enough to get good at it. Now that I'm knocking on 40's door, I figure i'll just always go from one spurt to the next, wherever my muse and whims take me, and just try to enjoy it, rather than put the pressure on myself to be good at it. I say "try," because it is in my nature to want to succeed in whatever I do, but enjoying the process, I believe, brings more joy.

God has been showing me lately that fulfillment is in simplicity; and significance is in Him.

I love to complicate; and I love to feel significant in the eyes of others. At least I do on the surface. But there's no true contentment there. It's never enough. And I'm learning to settle into this life He has for me and be content.


H.C. Johnson said...

Sounds like you have been on the top of the mountain as well.

Roger Howell said...

So that's why those rocks were falling on my head!