Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Work than Ever

I turned in my three-week notice for work last week, and am beginning to think about all the possibilities that await me now that I will have an extra 20 or so hours in a week.

My initial thoughts were to get some projects finished around the house. It's embarrassing to admit, but we moved into this house two years ago and there are still a dozen or so boxes I haven't unpacked!

I also will begin volunteering in Caroline's and Eliza's classes a couple days a week. I promised myself I will get my jiggly butt back in the gym regularly, too. I'm leading a Bible study group for BSF; and -- maybe most importantly -- I have lots of art to do!

Now, just looking at these things, I'm thinking that that 20 hours I'm gaining are lost before I even have them. And as the days go on, my mind wanders to all the other things I should and could do...and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed! There is SO MUCH TO DO!!!!!

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CCH said...

thank you for the sweetest comment! Take my lame attempts at rhyming clues and go with it girl!