Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Plane Crash E-Mail

I've been forwarded an e-mail from a few people that has made me sick to my stomach. You may have seen it. It is an article written by Gingi Edmonds for the Christian News Wire about the plane crash in Butte and about who happens to be a surviving family member of one of the families that was killed.

Okay, let me start from the beginning. A small plane crashed into a cemetery in Butte, Montana, last week killing 14 people...about half of them were young children. They were families going to Bozeman for a ski vacation. The cause of the crash hasn't been determined, although some speculate it was due to ice on the wings.

Anyway, Edmonds's article revealed that one of the families happened to be the children and grandchildren of a dentist from California who owns the largest for-profit abortion chain in our country. When word got out that the plane crashed near the "Tomb for the Unborn" in that Butte cemetery, some folks couldn't get over the coincidence. Scripture was quoted about what you get if you "do not hate bloodshed," etc.

The writer mentioned that she was not trying to turn it into an "I-told-you-so moment," but it sure came across that way to me.

I think my biggest pet peeve is when a few Christians make the rest of us look like a bunch of jerks. People, we are called to mourn with that family. Our hearts should be broken for their loss. We are absolutely not put here to judge others. Isn't it interesting that the article didn't mention what scripture says happens to those who judge?

And we wonder why the liberal left-wing folks think we are all hate mongers.

I think we need to take the planks out of our own asses!


Jessi said...

Amen!!! I was SO pissed off when I got that email... it makes us, especially those that have worked in the life-affirming job arena, look bad. I was sad to see though, that the people forwarding that letter DO work in the pro-life sector. What?? Made me so angry! That was and is so not my message!! and I know it is not yours either. I could go on and on about this... keep on speaking the truth, Lori! You rock!

Lori said...

Thanks, Jessi!!!! You roll...together we rock and roll!!!

HC said...

We as Christians need to change our walk from one of "judgement" , to one of "love" On this issue, our "lovewalk" now needs to be one of compassion for the family for the loss of their loveones.