Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who Needs a Life Coach?

Here are some ideas of people who would benefit from a life coach:

1. People who are in a rut.
2. People who are bored with their jobs.
3. People who are bored with their lives.
4. Those newly divorced.
5. People recently laid off from their job.
6. People newly retired.
7. New moms.
8. Moms ready to go back into the work force.
9. Women who give so much to their families, they've forgotten
what they like and even who they are.
10. College students trying to figure out their major.
11. People struggling to make a big decision.
12. People needing to make many decisions.
13. People in search of their life partner.
14. Those looking to grow spiritually.
15. People who want to live their biggest and best lives.
16. People who need accountability.
17. Teens struggling with peer issues.
18. Parents trying to find balance between work and life.
19. Those who know they have more potential than they are living up to.
20. People who are unmotivated to do what they know they need to do.
21. Employees who wish to be more productive at work.
22. People who are frustrated.
23. People who are overwhelmed.
24. People who need a change but are afraid to make it.
25. People who could use a little encouragement.


HC said...

What a relief,I sure am glad I didn't fit into your list. I say that facetiously. You nailed it Lori, we all need help from time to time.

Roger Howell said...

This pretty much covers it.

An ole boy once said "A fool is right in his own eyes but a wise man listens to instruction"

People must have the wisdom to know when its time to listen

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