Friday, February 26, 2010

Girl Pride!

My ears will freeze today because my head is too swollen with pride to get a hat on it after Parent-Teacher Conferences yesterday.

Caroline, my 4th grader, was thanked by her teacher over and over again for not getting involved in the "girl drama" and for always being kind to everyone. I was saddened to hear that the girl drama has started already in the 4th grade. My life was plagued with it for so long, I'd consider homeschooling my kids to keep them from having to endure it! (and that's saying a LOT!) But it seems that Caroline is handling it well, and in the meantime is making straight A's and has a boatload of friends.

Eliza's teacher showed us Eliza's First Grade Journal, and I had to clamp down on my lips with my teeth to keep from laughing out loud at the things she writes. The kid is hilarious. And it warmed my heart to see that all the pictures of her family and her home were happy, smiley, loving representations. (Whew!)

Her teacher noted on her last report card that sometimes Eliza doesn't pay attention in class. But she said yesterday that she may be wrong. That maybe Eliza just looks like she's not listening, but really is, since she doesn't seem to ever have missed anything.

Those are my girls. Thanks for allowing me to indulge in a little pride!!

God has been so good to us!
Don't they look like perfect, innocent children? Who never get into mischief?


Perisseuein said...
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Perisseuein said...

I love it! You and your girls are priceless. They are blessed to have you as a momma & mentor!

H.C. Johnson said...

You have a right to have a mother's pride. God has truly blessed you and your family.