Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This is Caroline and Eliza with Macho Rey Ray del Mundo...our new Havanese puppy.

I took Rey Ray to his first puppy class last week, and it was just so cute. A room full of puppies, what would be cuter? Even the most Machismo would use the word "cute" in that room.

So we got started by trying to settle all the pups down so that we could move on with the other things we were there to learn. Rey Ray sat there and looked sweet as pie. I was proud, but a little suspicious...Was he working up a BM? Was he waiting to pounce?

Then we put on their leashes and walked them around the room. A little black lab was howling and yanking on his chain, just as cute as could be. A little Beagle-Poo was cutting flips on his leash, round and round. Two Australian Shepherds were hopping and nipping.

Rey Ray walked nearly perfectly on his leash. Then he sat when I asked him to sit. He allowed the instructors to approach him. At one point a man watching us said to me, "Your puppy should be teaching the others how to behave."

I just smiled and said "thank you" as if this behavior from Rey Ray was normal. Right now he is barking his head off at JEB, who just won't play with him. And every now and then he gets tired of that and attacks the nearest anything, going in for kill. When I try to settle him down, he starts trying to bite my face off and climb on top of my head to get away. All this after he recently went poo and then ate it.

But the people at Puppy Class think Rey Ray rocks!


H.C. Johnson said...

Rey Ray sounds like a few people I have run across in life.

Roger Howell said...

Think they will ever teach him to read?

Carol said...

Whose class are you going to?