Thursday, April 29, 2010

Godspell - The Good News

Caroline auditioned for a musical for the first time. The musical is Godspell Jr, and she got the part!

The musical is based on the Gospel of Matthew. It covers the last few years of Jesus' life and acts out many of the parables and teachings of Jesus in a fun, energetic way.

She was so excited to go to the read-through last night. I went to pick her up and they were just reading through the last scene, which was Jesus and the disciples at the last supper and then the crucifixion. As I sat and listened, a few of the older kids were giggling and kept asking questions about Jesus as if they just thought the whole story was some ridiculous paperback plot. They made fun of everything they could, including Jesus offering his blood for them to drink and his body for them to eat.

My heart broke for those kids who have no idea who Jesus is. It's hard to believe that a kid can grow up in this country and be that clueless about Christianity. But the worst part was how much it upset my sensitive little girl. And I have a feeling that she's not the only one in the group that loves Jesus with all her heart and was not thinking the Jesus jokes were very funny. You could feel it in the room.

I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying anything, but I kept my mouth shut for Caroline's sake.

This is a rude awakening into the real world for my precious little girl. We spent a long time discussing it last night, and we prayed about it and we prayed for those kids who don't know who Jesus is.

Caroline knows that it is okay for her to inform them that they are being disrespectful and ask them to knock it off if it gets too bad. She said she just wanted to give them a Bible and say, "Here, read this. It's all true."

Caroline and I will use this opportunity to learn the Gospel of Matthew and to understand and not judge others.


Carol said...

That breaks my heart too! Perhaps one of Caroline's first opportunites to be a witness? I hope that the beauty of Matthew and Godspell will come alive for this group. I'll have to come watch the performance and see how the story turns out - hope we see him more clearly, love him more dearly and follow him more nearly!

Lori said...

We'll take it "Day by Day."