Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sayulita, Day 1 (I'm in Heaven!)

We got up at 4:30 a.m. and got on the plane. Here are Caroline and Kate trying to keep still while being SO EXCITED!

After landing in Puerto Vallarta and grabbing our Suburban, we had our driver stop at Mega so we could get some essentials to have at the house. Jamie made the grocery list while I slept on the plane. When I woke up, I asked him what was on the list. He said, "Coffee and beer." (pause...dead pan:) "Do we need anything else?" (hahahaha)

Here are Mia and Eliza heading in to Mega.
Jamie and Caroline are choosing huevos:
And we can't go a week in Mexico without the staple:

Checking out at the Mega. We did get a few more things than just coffee and beer.

This is manudo. Gross!
Random sausages and strange things one can purchase at the Mega:
Aaaahhhhh...we made it to Casa de la Vida in Sayulita. This is our home for 8 days. This is my personal Heaven.

Our housekeeper, Azucena, brought her daughter, Tonia, with her when she came to make chili rellenos for us Friday night (which were amazing!). Caroline doesn't speak a word of Spanish and Tonia doesn't speak a word of English, but they managed to play hide-and-seek and many other games with no problem at all. They even hugged each other when Tonia had to leave and they made plans to play again the next day. PRECIOUS!

In this picture, Caroline had shown Tonia the Spanish-English dictionary. They both decided it was more trouble than it was worth!
"Ready or not, here I come!"
And this is how we ended the day. This was taken from our veranda. Is this even real? Somebody pinch me!

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