Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sayulita: Day 3

Caroline is happy to start another day in Sayulita.
Then we walked down the hill to Casa Del Gallo, where Aunt She-She is living for the week.
Jamie is enjoying the lunch he made with a nice, cold Corona.
Jason and Jamie played in the waves like they were 10-year-old boys all day long.

So did the girls!
Sara enjoyed the sunshine!
If there is anything Kate loves better than the ocean, it's horses!
Vaquero Jamie
Eliza is like her mother when it comes to music...MUST HAVE IT!
I waved down a woman selling home-made tamales out of a cooler on the beach. They have made it to my top three things I've ever eaten list!

Then we met a nice man from Sisters, Oregon named Paul Stark. He starting building a sand sculpture and Eliza jumped in to help. They worked on it for two or three hours. Turns out, Paul Stark is a very well known and very successful wood sculptor.

Aunt She-She hardly ever gets a rest form the girls!

Another great day!

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