Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello, Hello!

I have two art quilts due to a gallery today for a show, and I don't have them finished. Unless I get on it RIGHT NOW, they wont get finished. Yes, I've known about the deadline for months, and I have been so excited to have been given the opportunity to get work in my new medium out there and see what kind of feedback I get. I'm so loving FABRIC!!!!

So, why have I not gotten these quilts done, you ask?

Well, a few weeks ago, a young woman with a thick foreign accent knocked on my door and wondered if we or anyone we knew had a room she and her roommate could rent. Both young women are college students in Estonia and are in the U.S. for the summer selling books. They had been staying at the Motel 6 and were running out of money.

To get to the point, we took them in. And that decision, for me, meant I had to get downstairs -- a part of the house that I've allowed the kids to take over and destroy -- and clean and organize and prepare the two spare bedrooms and some decent living space for them.

It felt great to finally get that project done, but it took a while.

Then, after all the rain we have gotten this spring, the sun came out (and then so did I), and I realized that I had bed of shrubs and flowers that were becoming Little Shop of Horrors. I set out working on those, and the more I got into the gardening work, the more work I realized needed to be done. I"m still not finished with this project.

In the middle of this, I found out my in-laws were coming for a week. Not just the m-i-l and f-i-l...the ENTIRE CAREY CLAN. Seven of them. We were very excited, but that meant I'd better get a few other things done to make that visit more comfy for everybody.

Then, as if we don't have enough chaos in our home right now, we got a new lab puppy. Oh yea. The most destructive choice we could have possibly made right now. Yep. That's what we did.

The in-laws came in yesterday. We will have a fun week together. Everyone is out swimming, so I took the opportunity to stay home and see if I can't get motivated to make some art. So far, not so good. I just sit and stare, because so many other things are on my mind right now.

But we sure have a cute puppy.

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aimee.s. said...

Despite all this chaotic craziness, I know you'll still be jumping out of your pants excited to know I'll be in Helena in a matter of days. Like two! And you can wait for any other organizational/cleaning projects until your family is gone and I am there--you know I'll be happy to do/assist :) see you soon!!!