Saturday, June 11, 2011

Talent Search

The last few days have been pretty exciting!

I thought life would calm down as soon as school was out, but nope!

BAsed on her head shot, Eliza got a call-back for the H&M catalog model audition, so yesterday we drove to Bozeman and she got to meet the photographer and have a mini shoot. She was awesome, and they loved her. I will be surprised if they don't choose her for the catalog!

Another great turn of events is that they noticed Caroline with her and said, "Are you the big sister?" and Caroline said yes, but that she was not the right height to apply. Then the photographer told her, "Well, we will be back next year and we'll get you then."

Caroline was thrilled. Although she is excited for her little sister, she was feeling a little left out of all the fun.

Then, we got back home just in time for Jamie and me to get ready for the Holter Museum's annual Art Auction. I had a small piece in the silent auction, so I was a little nervous about whether or not anyone would bid on it!

I was tickled when three people bid on it and it sold for $85!

Today I will be int he studio working on a piece for an upcoming gallery show of portraits. Mine will be quilt least that's the aim. I reserve the right to change my mind and collage, paint or mosaic a portrait if I decide to!

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