Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Gnomes

The first products from my studio are some little Christmas Gnomes. They are about 5 or 6 inches tall and made of 100% wool. I needle felted them with love.

Did you know that it is the Christmas Gnome who is responsible for random surprises, like finding a $5 bill in your coat pocket the first time you put it on for the year? He is also the one to thank when you find that thing you've been looking for for months (an earring, sunglasses, etc.). He is known as the Christmas Gnome, but he works year-round. However, he is quite shy and hard to catch in the act.

Yes, they are for sale.

I know, I don't have on a drop of make-up in this photo, but I wanted to give you something for scale, and I didn't want to put on make-up just for that! Sorry.

I've also started experimenting with needle-felted trees. I have lots of ideas for these, but this is just a sample of what it can look like with dyed, uncombed wool.

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Roger Howell said...

Seeing your little friend reminds me of probably my favorite actor Morgan Freeman. Miss Daisy would ask him some rediculous question and he would answer "no'mm,that ain't what I said.
Now you knoooow Mr. Worthin"- - -

Never stop doing your art.