Monday, December 8, 2008

Looking Fine

Jamie and I went to the Festival of Trees Friday night; and we were looking good with new duds and all. I had to buy a new dress to go with my fabulous shoes!
My good friend Audrey sneaked those shoes into my luggage during a shopping trip in Portland, Oregon this summer. I had tried them on at Nordstrom and then reluctantly gave them back to the salesperson because I had already exceeded my budget. When I got home and started to unpack, there they were! Now THAT is a good friend.
Anyway, Friday night, all decked out, was a fun time for the Festival of Trees, which is a great cause: to raise money for Intermountain, an organization that cares for abused and neglected children.


chris said...

man, you guys are ALL spit-shined up! looking fine, indeed!

Chris Taleff said...

You guys ARE lookin fine. You should get dressed up like that again, get some Martini Mixings and go to the new James Bond movie. I think it helps to be all decked out so you really get into the film.

sara taleff o'casey said...

Gorgeous! I'm glad that after that big night out you still had the energy to come to our party! It was great to see you and to get to meet Jamie. Also, thank you for the bottle of wine. We will thoroughly enjoy it - I'm eager to invent an occasion for it!

Harley girl wanna be said...

Jamie looks like "the cat who ate the canary"! How did he land a girl with such awesome FMP's (shoes)? He's a lucky man! I love the James Bond movie idea. You look like movie stars!