Saturday, December 6, 2008



Chris Taleff said...


I actually didn't know what an Intercession was before today.

In your mind, is there a solution to the problem or do you reach out and ask for direction, having faith that God will guide the way?

I'm asking that because I know it is sometimes hard to tell others that they are making a poor choices. I think it is even less effective than when they recognize the mistakes on their own.

Regardless I think it is sweet.

Lori said...

Just a prayer on someone else's behalf. You can see my gratitude as well as my anger in the prayer. It seems so unfair.

I agree with you that the solution is hers to find.

I pray that God will help her to see the gifts he has given her and the path he has set out for her so she can live the full life he wants for her.

Thanks for commenting.

HC said...

You know how this has touched my heart,(and revealed yours). It is ok to be angry. Our weapons are truth, righteousness, readiness, and faith. Read Ephesians 6:10-18. We can pray in agreement and "interceed" on her behalf.

Harley girl wanna be said...

"God is good" A little Christian-ese saying, but how can you believe that when life is missing the mark by .5 and having everything you've strived for, dreamed about, sacrificed for,.. end in nothing. How is God good in that? Yet, we have to trust God and say "Yes, Lord, even in this you are good. I don't understand it, but I will trust you." Then, I make sure he knows that when I get to heaven that we will need to have a long talk, so he can explain it to me, because there are some things in this life that I am never going to get. My heart is aching for Jennifer and I pray for her constantly that she won't lose faith, that she will have the gumption to dig deep, get up and keep moving trusting God to show her a different path. That's my INTERCESSION...I'm praying for you girl!

Lori said...

Y'all rock!